This is Why I Dance…


My soul entwines with melody and beats with rhythm, as I merge with the music around me. My body transforms into a swirl of colour, living the song, being it, becoming the visual representation of divine sound. As the music fills me, my core vibrates with the pure power of AUM and I begin to radiate, vibrations of my divine ecstasy permeating through my skin and into my surroundings. It is as if my skin is no longer the barrier between myself and the world around me.

Each DHUM of the mridangam resounds within me, making me catch my breath. And it all feels as if I am exactly where I should be… like I have been here before and this is home. I feel as if I have just been away for a while and I am slowly finding my way back to my ultimate reality.

Dance is not something I learnt since I was six years old… it is a part of my soul. I have danced through many lifetimes, and in each one, this is how I find my peace. The truth of my existence is unveiled through dance…

This is who I am…


About Sharmini

I am a dancer in my feet, my eyes, my mind, my fingers and my very soul... My wish is to share my love for Bharathanatyam with the world. I want to share the feeling of joy dance gives me, the feeling of being connected to something that is so much bigger than me. I feel humbled to be allowed the gift of dance. My dance experience is not mine... it is a blessing from God that I will cherish forever. My dance school and my blog are my ways of sharing this blessing and of giving thanks for this beautiful gift. I am eager to speak to other dancers and share knowledge and experiences. I have much to learn and would love to network with other people who are also passionate about dance.

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