Dance… Divine Bliss


Dhim tha na na dhim dhim tha na na na…

These syllables don’t need meaning to make you feel as if you are floating through the clouds, entering the abode of God Himself…

That juno that juno dhimi tha…

Dance is taken into you through sight and sound, but the full effect of what you are experiencing when watching a dance performance transcends what can be physically experienced by your senses. Dance has to be felt! To really be a part of a dance performance, the audience must feel God’s presence being painted in front them. Listening to the music or watching the dance alone can be so spiritually uplifting, but both of them together can be nothing short of heaven on earth.

Tha thay that tha tham, tha thay ya thay that tha tham…

A dancer uses her limbs, her posture, her facial expressions… her entire body to sing the praises of God. By re-enacting divine stories and glorifying even the smallest details of a deity, the dancer forms a deep bond with the Supreme… to know God is to love God. The role of a dancer is to share this bond with her audience and guide them to the realisation of God.

Tham tham dhin nam dhith dhith dhin nam gina gina tha gina gina tha…

I believe that God is in each and every one of us and dance can help us in realising this beautiful idea. The dancer must not try to ACT like the deity depicted in the dance, instead, she should just let God show Himself through her. Instead of trying to convince the audience of what God is like, let God unfold Himself. Whether trying to dance like God or dance for God, the best way to engage your audience is to let the God in them recognise the God in you. Nothing is stronger than such a connection…

Jum jum jum dhimi tha jano thake jum, dhimi thake dhim thake dhim janotha…


About Sharmini

I am a dancer in my feet, my eyes, my mind, my fingers and my very soul... My wish is to share my love for Bharathanatyam with the world. I want to share the feeling of joy dance gives me, the feeling of being connected to something that is so much bigger than me. I feel humbled to be allowed the gift of dance. My dance experience is not mine... it is a blessing from God that I will cherish forever. My dance school and my blog are my ways of sharing this blessing and of giving thanks for this beautiful gift. I am eager to speak to other dancers and share knowledge and experiences. I have much to learn and would love to network with other people who are also passionate about dance.

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