Hi Everyone!

I collected a bunch of info and pictures on the Navarasa from the web and put them together to use as notes for my dance students. My students are quite young so I thought it would be helpful to them to include many pictures of different people doing each of the rasas so that they can better grasp the concept of what each rasa is about. For fellow teachers, if you would like to use these notes in your own class, please send me a comment or email with your email address and I will gladly send you a pdf of these notes. The pictures and information certainly do not belong to me in any way. I just grouped them together… So I will gladly share this with everyone 🙂


Much love,



About Sharmini

I am a dancer in my feet, my eyes, my mind, my fingers and my very soul... My wish is to share my love for Bharathanatyam with the world. I want to share the feeling of joy dance gives me, the feeling of being connected to something that is so much bigger than me. I feel humbled to be allowed the gift of dance. My dance experience is not mine... it is a blessing from God that I will cherish forever. My dance school and my blog are my ways of sharing this blessing and of giving thanks for this beautiful gift. I am eager to speak to other dancers and share knowledge and experiences. I have much to learn and would love to network with other people who are also passionate about dance.

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